Whether as part of the introduction of process management or process optimization, for the purpose of team building or because your requirements are specific – there are many good reasons to conduct further training on process-oriented corporate management as in-house training. Find tailor-made solutions and learning experiences for the process-oriented future design of your company now!

From company-specific training to individual coaching

The complete training offer for process management and organizational development of the BPM&O Academy is also available to your company as an in-house event. You benefit from the high relevance and topicality of the topics and the direct reference to your company.
If desired, precisely tailored to the needs of your company. Whether for process management teams, process owners or line managers – we offer a suitable concept for every target group.
Of course, we also develop completely new qualification solutions, for example executive development programs, or integrate our training offering into your ongoing projects.

Individual learning journey

The concept of our learning journey – also called learning path – offers you exactly that.

Learning is a process that should be self-determined and flexible. With our models you go through different stages until you reach the desired learning goal. The BPM&O learning journeys solve the challenges of previous learning by combining the advantages of our individual continuing education offerings. Using topic-specific guides, we put together an individual learning journey that helps you develop new competencies and put what you have learned into practice in a timely manner.

To facilitate effective continuing education, we offer a blended learning approach through the targeted use of digital and analog formats. E-learning, self-study units, seminars and coaching, as well as preparation and follow-up tasks are among our continuing education tools. Of course, practical transfer times are also taken into account in the composition. If desired, the seminars can also be conducted virtually.

Advantages of an in-house training:

  • Tailored to your individual needs
  • Professional order clarification to specifically address your business environment and management situation
  • Special tailoring of the contents to the requirements of your organization
  • Adjustment of the seminar and its content to the knowledge level of the participants

Practice- and application-oriented

  • All trainers and coaches have a sound trainer education and many years of professional experience
  • Numerous practical examples and case studies are part of the training
  • Detailed seminar documents and working aids support the practical implementation

Flexible and cost-saving

  • Greater flexibility in choice of date, location and duration
  • No travel and hotel expenses for participants
  • No longer absences compared to sending participants to off-site training
In-house training

Corinna Weimer

Our academy management will be happy to advise you on how our learning journeys can suit you, what it can do for your company and why in-house training is less costly than you might think. It’s worth it.

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