The goal of this seminar is to impart knowledge and practice-oriented tools of Operational Process Management (OPM). The management of processes is an essential task of managers and employees responsible for process performance and execution.

The participants learn how processes can be managed and improved in a goal-, competence- and resource-oriented manner. In addition, essential methods are taught that foster acceptance and support among all process participants. Our didactic concept is always geared towards underpinning the methodical seminar content with reflected application of the acquired knowledge. Group work, case studies and the exchange of experiences among participants play an important role.

This seminar can be conducted as an classroom training, as blended learning or as an 100% digital training.

In this variant, participants complete a five-day classroom training.

Target group

  • Managers and employees Process Management
  • Managers and employees Organization
  • Managers and employees Corporate and Personnel Development
  • Process Manager, Process Analysts, Process Coordinators
  • Managers and employees Quality management
  • Managers and employees Information Technology
  • Managers with process responsibility


  • Operational Process Management (OPM) cycle
  • Derive operational process goals
  • Process-oriented organizational development
  • Systemic order clarification
  • Develop To-Be processes
  • Foster acceptance through participation
  • Plan process execution
  • Implement processes
  • Execute processes
  • Measure processes
  • Change Management during process roll-out
  • Plan communication
  • Dealing with resistance and conflicts
  • Procedure model: Implement BPM
  • Analyze processes
  • Implementation OPM (Practical examples)
  • Work on practical examples of the participants


This seminar requires basic knowledge of Process Management, such as that imparted in the seminar “Process Management Basics”. Participation in the seminar “Process Management Basics” is not included in the seminar price and must be booked separately.

Basic knowledge can also have been acquired during university class, participation in seminar at other training institutes or through professional experience in Process Management.

To participate in the certification examination for "Operational Manager (TÜV)", basic knowledge of Process Management must be proven by means of a practical evidence (form). Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Certificate program

Certification as “Operational Process Manager (TÜV)”
If the seminars “Process Management Basics (classroom or digital)” and “Operational Process Management” as classroom training or blended learning or digital learning are booked at the same time, a package price of € 3,590 net applies.

After completing the seminar program, you have the opportunity to take part in the certificate examination for “Operational Process Manager (TÜV)”. The certificate exam will take place on the last day of the seminar “Operational Process Management” from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. The examination fee is € 265 net.

Please note the admission requirements in the examination regulations.

Please note

The open seminar dates are only available in German. We offer the conduct of this seminar in English as in-house training. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!


5 days
€ 2.900,- net

Contact person

Corinna Weimer

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