Digital transformation will keep us constantly on the move in companies over the next few years. Industry boundaries are being dissolved at high speed, jobs are being replaced and new ones created, previously unknown services are being developed and communication is being elevated to new levels.

This is currently one of the strongest drivers for the introduction of a process-oriented organization, as the purely functional organization cannot adapt quickly enough to these challenges.

In this certificate program, you will learn how to effectively implement the digital strategy in a process-oriented organization.

Target group

  • Chief Digital Officer and Head of Digital Transformation
  • Chief Process Officer and Head of Process Management
  • Executives/managers with implementation responsibility for corporate strategy
  • Managers or employees involved in the implementation of digital projects and processes
  • Process owners who are responsible for the digitization of their processes
  • Organizational developers and change managers who accompany the Digital Transformation
  • Internal and external consultants who support the Digital Transformation


  • Goal of the seminar module DT1 “Implement strategy via processes” is to enable participants to implement the strategy of the organization in a customer-oriented manner and via processes ("process follows strategy"). In doing so, the milestone for a rapid digitization have been set.
  • With Design Thinking you will get to know an agile method which enables you to align the To-Be processes even better with customer requirements (module DT2).
  • Digital transformation presents completely new challenges for management and employees. In the module DT3 “Transform organizations”, you will learn how to manage the growing complexity and successfully implement organizational change in the company.
  • In DT4 “Digitize and automate processes”, you will identify areas of application for the automation of processes, develop criteria for their feasibility, and test the practical application of workflow systems.
  • In the e-learning course of module DT5 “Operational Process Management”, participants learn how to manage and improve processes in a goal-, competence- and resource-oriented manner.

The modules can be booked in any order and independently of each other (individually).


Certification as “Process Manager Digital Transformation (TÜV)” requires the following training or further education:
University degree (or comparable degree)
+ approx. 3 years of professional experience
+ certificate program "Process-oriented Digital Transformation" at BPM&O Akademie


High school diploma (Abitur)/vocational baccalaureate diploma/secondary school diploma with vocational training (or comparable degree)
+ approx. 5 years of professional experience
+ certificate program "Process-oriented Digital Transformation" at BPM&O Akademie

After registering for the certificate program, participants will receive a form (proof of practical experience) demonstrating that they have met the requirements for admission to certification. For more information on prerequisites and recertification, please refer to the examination regulations.

Certificate program

Benefit from the attractive package price
If the seminars “Implement strategy via processes”, “Develop and improve processes with Design Thinking effectively”, “Transform organizations”, “Digitize and automate processes” as well as “Operational Process Management” as e-learning are booked at the same time, a package price of € 7,650 net applies.

After completing the seminar program, you have the opportunity to take part in the certificate examination for “Process Manager Digital Transformation (TÜV)”. The examination fee is € 495 net.

Please note the admission requirements in the examination regulations. Please also see the guidelines for the written thesis as part of the colloquium as a certificate examination.

Please note

The open seminar dates of the modules are only available in German. We offer the conduct of this certficate program in English as in-house training. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!


E-Learning + 11 days
€ 6.990,- netto


Corinna Weimer


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