The transformation of a process-oriented organization is a change project that can trigger resistance. The consideration of social dynamics in organizational change situations is an important criterion for success.

Methods and principles of systemic organizational development and change management are presented, tested and practically applied to the work situation of the participants.

In this Video, we introduce the certificate prorgram with its content (in German):

Target group

The training is aimed at all role holders who want to implement organizational change, especially to strengthen process orientation:
  • Functional managers
  • Internal and external Process Management Consultants
  • Head of Process Management (e.g. CPO)
  • Process Manager
  • Managers and employees Organization
  • Executing process roles



  • Module OE 1 – Organizational Development Basics & Personal Mastery (3 days)
  • Module OE 2 – Leading and acting in a complex environment (3 days)
  • Module OE 3 – Group dynamics and team development (3 days)
  • Module OE 4 – Implement Process Management Projects in organizations (3 days)
  • Colloquium as certificate examination (1,5 days)

Seminar overview

Modul OE 1: 17.05.-19.05.2021, Köln
Modul OE 2: 28.06.-30.06.2021, Köln
Modul OE 3: 13.09.-15.09.2021, Köln
Modul OE 4: 08.11.-10.11.2021, Köln
OE Colloquium: 20.01.-21.01.2022, Köln


Certification as “Process-oriented Organizational Developer (TÜV)” requires the following training or further education:
University degree (or comparable degree)
+ approx. 3 years of professional experience
+ certificate program "Process-oriented Organizational Development" at BPM&O Akademie


High school diploma (Abitur)/vocational baccalaureate diploma/secondary school diploma with vocational training (or comparable degree)
+ approx. 5 years of professional experience
+ certificate program "Process-oriented Organizational Development" at BPM&O Akademie

After registering for the certificate program, participants will receive a form (proof of practical experience) demonstrating that they have met the requirements for admission to certification. For more information on prerequisites as well as recertification, please refer to the examination regulations.

Certificate program

After completing the seminar program, you have the opportunity to take part in the colloquium as a certificate examination for “Process-oriented Organizational Developer (TÜV)”. The examination fee is € 495 net.

Please note the admission requirements in the examination regulations. Please also see the guidelines for the written thesis as part of the colloquium as a certificate examination. 

Please note

The modules are only available in German. We offer the conduct of this certficate program in English as in-house training. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!


13,5 days
€ 6.900,- netto


Corinna Weimer


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