Training goals

With the help of process analysis, it is possible to identify weak points, potential improvements and reasons for possible deviations between the As-Is and To Be performances of the process. In addition to weaknesses, potentials can also be examined in order to make well-formulated suggestions on how blocking factors can be reduced and supporting factors can be strengthened.

In this e-learning module you will learn methods of process analysis to derive improvement measures. In doing so, you provide a solid foundation for process optimization.

Target group

  • Managers and employees Process Management  
  • Managers and employees Organization  
  • Managers and employees Corporate and Personnel Development 
  • Process Manager; Process Analysts, Process Coordinators 
  • Managers and employees Quality Management  
  • Managers and employees Information Technology  
  • Managers with process responsibility 

Training content

  • Getting familiar with systematic approaches for the analysis of processes 
  • Applying methods of analysis 
  • Assessing deviations and weak points 
  • Finding optimization potentials 
  • Identifying and prioritizing measures


The e-learning module „Analyzing processes“ is part of the certification program for “Operational process manager (TÜV)” as blended learning. The certification program includes 8 e-learning videos and a 3-day classroom training.

The e-learnings can be booked individually. If you book the entire e-learning series and the classroom training at the same time, the package price is € 3,330, – net.

After completion of the seminar program, you have the opportunity to take the examination in order to acquire the qualification of “Operational process manager (TÜV)”. The examination fee is € 265,- net. Please note the admission requirements in the examination regulations.

The e-learning is available for a period of 3 months after activation (approx. 3-4 working days after registration).


45-60 min. (duration)
Number of Participants
Start Streaming
3 to 4 days after purchase
End Streaming
3 months after purchase
€ 190.- net

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E-learning "Analyzing processes"

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