In order to achieve ambitious goals, companies need suitable processes – new or optimized ones. It is essential to find the right process and define it clearly.

In this e-learning, you will learn which methods are used to develop To-Be processes in a creative and efficient manner. This includes methods for process mapping and process modelling as well as a way of working that uses the know-how of the employees to achieve a high level of acceptance for the change.

Training content

  • Comprehending approach models regarding development of To-Be processes
  • Clarifying the order for the process workshop
  • Aligning To-Be processes towards achievement of set goals
  • Developing To-Be processes including specific work steps 
  • Identifying and prioritizing measures for execution

Target group

  • Managers and employees Process Management
  • Managers and employees Organization
  • Managers and employees Corporate and Personnel Development
  • Process Manager; Process Analysts, Process Coordinators
  • Managers and employees Quality Management
  • Managers and employees Information Technology
  • Managers with process responsibility

Certificate program

Certification as Operational Process Manager (TÜV)
The e-learning “Developing To-Be processes” is part of the certificate program for “Operational Process Manager (TÜV)” as blended or digital learning. The certificate program includes 8 e-learning modules and a 3-day (online) intensive training.

If the seminars “Process Management Basics (classroom or digital)” and “Operational Process Management” as classroom training or blended learning or digital learning are booked at the same time, a package price of € 3,590 net applies.

After completing the seminar program, you have the opportunity to take part in the certificate examination for “Operational Process Manager (TÜV)”. The certificate exam will take place on the last day of the seminar “Operational Process Management” from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. The examination fee is € 265 net.

Please note the admission requirements in the examination regulations.

Kommende Termine

31.12.2021, 09:00
31.12.2021, 17:00
79,- EUR zzgl. 19% MwSt.


45-60 Minutes
€ 79,- netto


Corinna Weimer


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